SAWA『Mr.Brown』PV FullVer.(2013.08.28Released!!)

this makes me want to roll things up!!






[Press Pic] 140918 T-ARA Boram - Sugar Free @ Mnet M!Coundown


she actually can’t reach the top of the frigidaire w/o a pulley system and lot of gumption

[CONFIRMED] revealed to be a creation of man’s hands and not his loins


peak performance art



collections that are raw as fuck ➝ elie saab f/w 2014-15



SAWA - “RingaRinga” (2014)

New single from one of the many electro-pop artists who got a stab at the mainstream in the wake of Perfume’s landscape-shifting album GAME…and one of the many to recede from the spotlight and end up on some tiny imprint once the market decided they only really wanted one future-pop group bumrushing the charts. Which is a shame, because SAWA is pretty good overall, and “RingaRinga” is a nice synth-pop workout. Part cheerful electro-pop, part dance-floor-aiming release (that beat).

SAWA is also responsible for writing and helping arrange Especia’s “Midnight Confusion,” if you needed an extra nudge to click ‘play.’

Despite the hype surrounding her comeback and the fact that she’s responsible for arguably one of the best pop singles out of 2013, I put off listening to this until now. It was a big mistake!! Somehow I’ve never heard of her until now, but it seems like she has a pretty solid discography and fanbase. I’ve been falling into my counterproductive music trap of earworm-y kpop singles, eurobeat, and vaporwave/future funk streaming channels so I definitely needed a refresher.

 I came for the Midnight Confusion creds and stayed for the charming sampling of Katamari on the Rocks.



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